Acoustic investments can be a risky bet, especially when its purpose is not accurately defined. Trying to get the best acoustic products are too much focused upon, neglecting the reason and the efficiency that it needs to serve.

Few factors often overlooked :

Scope the sound should be focused ? – Need to ensure the impact of all frequencies across the space, and planning the correct acoustics for an immersive experience. Scope sound should not impact ? – Improper focus on the scope of sound impact, installation of ultra efficient speakers, may become a problem in ‘to be’ quiet areas.

What products best suffice our needs ? – Latest technology may not always be the best solution, but it is the ‘Acoustics’ that should be considered.

Sound reinforcement depending on room acoustics ? – Intelligibility of the Audio solution, proper planning of speaker placement, appropriate speaker spec, coupling it with room acoustics etc.

Allwave-AV Acoustic designers and consultants adds value in distinguishing between, and complying all these simple factors, Allwave-AV understands exactly what are the desired acoustical needs of a space and works to certainly transform it into a stupendous and impactful acoustical setup.

Allwave-AV is a profound Acoustic designer and Audio Visual Integrations company, and has evolved to be the most preferred professional Audio Visual systems integrator across many schools, colleges, corporate enterprises, campuses, banquets, pubs, auditoriums, House Of Worship spaces and many more.

Our Objectives

To provide world class Acoustic designs and products that comply to International standards, and work beyond professional requisites, to make complex acoustic designs, simpler and scalable, to add immense value.

We bring our expertise in Professional Acoustic Design and Consultancy, and supply of genuine Audio Products, with our merits and experience of 20+ years in the Acoustic designing, and Audio Visual Integrations industry.

Our systematic acoustic design and well implemented audio system setup, can revamp the user experience in any space:

  • Reinforcement of concepts in a lecture hall, and enhanced audio communication for students.
  • Audio intelligibility for impactful simple ideas and suggestions in a conference room.
  • Bringing life into stage performances, to create a unique sense of connection with the emotions of the audience.
  • Reliable alarm systems in case of a Fire, Soothing background music systems.
  • Enjoyable audience experience in every social recreation sites.


Our Expertise Include

  • Speech intelligibility

    Speech intelligibility

    The loudness of speech, quality of the product, acoustics of the room, noise ratio from the surroundings and reverberation in the room are considered while designing an effective Acoustic set up. Designs adapt to required space aesthetics, every space has a different acoustic requisites and Allwave-AV sound engineers dissect every possibility to come up with the best and most efficient acoustical solution.

  • Acoustic privacy

    Acoustic privacy

    The transmission of sound intelligibly without impacting undesired areas. Sound proofing is an important norm when it comes to designing an effective and reliable acoustic set up. Allwave-AV employs audiophiles, a team of experienced audio enthusiasts with incredible understanding space absorption, reverberation, ceiling attenuation and consider various factors to design a space and functionally efficient solution.

  • Sound reinforcement

    Sound reinforcement

    Acoustic Designs should frame a unique and reliable audio conjunction, setup among a wide range of acoustical devices like amplifiers, mixers, microphones etc to perform with intelligibility and adapt to room architecture to optimize user auditory experience. Our engineers will ensure clients achieve their aspirations in acoustics by guiding the project from conception and planning through design, construction, testing and commissioning.

  • Noise & Mechanic Vibration control

    Noise & Mechanic Vibration control

    Design of acoustic setups that mitigate unwanted noise and vibration in both ways, from outside the room to inside and vice versa that can be problematic to surrounding environment. We devise innovative ways and means to enhance ability of a barrier to stop sound from passing through it, thus creating a control on what sound should be heard and what shouldnt.

Allwave-AV has been the chrysalis in helping esteemed enterprises, to engineer its Technical Audio Visual requirements to an extraordinary setup. With a Professional Experience that spans 2000+ Professional AV installations PAN INDIA, we provide your organization with the necessary expertise, for a successful professional auricular experience.

Allwave-AV provides Acoustic design as a standalone service, or as a full Audio Visual Integration suite, to enterprises giving special attention to individual brand requirements, keeping budgets in mind. We have successfully served setups in the following categories:

Allwave-AV is a long standing ‘Member of The Board Of Advisory, Infocomm standards’, the only Standard universally accepted for Audio Visual Design and Installations in the AV Industry. ISO Certified. We partner with leading acoustic brands to provide the most appropriate, premium and feasible Audio set up products.



Our Product Partners

AMX , Bose, Harman, SpeakerCraft, Biamp, Extron, Phillips, Samsung, Kramer, Senheisser, Benq, Crestron, Cue, Behringer, Blaupunkt, JBL, Panasonic, Logitech and many more leading audio brands.