Achieve Highly Scalable, Productive & Proactive BoardRooms with Intuitive AudioVisual Systems Integration.

Conference rooms are a great place for collaboration, where admin users hold meetings, make presentations and conduct video conferences across organizations.

The Audio Visual systems in conference rooms must be professionally designed to optimize Video conferencing benefits for the organization, so a wide variety of staff, instructors and employees feel comfortable operating these technologies. In addition, technology managers need systems they can easily manage from a central help desk, so if problems occur, they are proactively notified.

Allwave-AV designs Audio Visual, Lighting and Control systems integration to offer Intelligent applications for your Organization, A blend of Elegance in the profession with Optimal usage of requirements and focuses on the following aspects of Audio Visual Systems Integration that plays a vital role in optimizing your Boardroom and Conference room Video Conferencing experience.

The AV control and automation system centralizes the input and output signals from different audio, video and computer devices, with the aid of a user interface, it simplifies the selection and operation of various sources, so users feel comfortable operating the room’s technology.

Core building Blocks

The User Interface

The User Interface (UI) is the remote control for the AV system. A UI can be as simple as a keypad to as sophisticated as a full-color touch panel.

Architectural Connectivity

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become a standard practice throughout many organizations. Connecting personal devices to a conference room AV system requires different types of cables, because many devices have their own unique outputs.

Switching & Control

The Audio Video Switcher and Master Controller are the central hub of conference room AV systems. The AV Switcher brings in all audio and video sources, manages the signals, automatically scales the video to the optimum resolution and routes them to displays or other devices. Know more : AV Control & Automation System and Tips for designing.

The Sound Reinforcement system is a means to control the volume of speech or music and distribute the sound, so it can be heard intelligibly by seated listeners. In conference rooms, this is typically a simple system that supports video conferencing and video playback.

USERS want a sound system that is effortless to use, where video conferencing participants can hear everyone speaking without a lot of extra noise. The system needs to sound good enough for playing videos, audio and hearing participants in a video conference.

TECHNOLOGY MANAGERS want a Sound Reinforcement system that is “set it and forget it.” These managers depend on a setup that can’t be tampered with and know when a dedicated sound engineer is required to operate the system.

Core building Blocks


In a conference room, boundary microphones are traditionally used to support video conferencing activities.

Digital Signage Processors

Digital Signal Processors (DSP) aid in pre-configuring loudspeakers in a room. DSPs are useful in conference rooms, because they provide automatic echo cancellation for voice conferencing applications


To power passive loudspeakers, you need a reliable amplifier. Crown it with latest manufacturer's broad range of two-, four- and eight-channel amplifiers, which include models that are networkable and have onboard DSP.

Loud Speakers

Conference rooms may have several different loudspeaker requirements, such as ceiling speakers for distributed audio and front of house speakers for music/voice

Collaboration and Conferencing Systems facilitate a presentation through screen mirroring of wireless devices, access to cloud-based videoconferencing services, file sharing and web conferencing.

Our Cloud Based Video Conferencing services are specific to:

PRESENTERS, the presentation system provides secure access to content. Files can be stored in the cloud and pulled down onto a local computer in the conference room. When a meeting concludes, the presenter can share content by posting a QR code on the screen for others to scan. Conferencing systems allow presenters to connect with people on other campuses or in distant locations through a video camera and a web conferencing application.

PARTICIPANTS benefit from the presentation system, because it empowers them to collaborate proactively with the rest of the group through their own wireless devices, using screen mirroring software. Thanks to QR code sharing,audio video conferencing participants can instantly pull presentation content from the presenter to their personal devices by scanning a QR code, using a QR code scanning application.

Core building Blocks

Video Conferencing Camera

The Video Conference Camera is designed for web conferencing in smaller/larger meeting rooms, like conference rooms. It has a 120-degree field of view, a retractable shutter and USB connectivity.

Web Conferencing Audio Mixer

Web Conferencing Audio Mixer is a dedicated microphone mixer for up to eight microphones, designed specifically for web conferencing applications. It also supports HD video teleconferencing (VTC) and audio conferencing systems.

Boundary microphones

Boundary microphones are excellent for audio conferencing applications. Boundary microphones provide a wide pickup pattern for picking up multiple people seated close to each other.

A enterprise campus runs on meetings and Client visits, which are allocated facility resources through a master calendar. Schedule management systems, like Exchange, Lotus Notes or Google Calendar, provide a platform to centrally create and change schedules, so campuses can efficiently manage their conference rooms.

Once this schedule is created, however, how do technical manager or executives know if there is a room change, time change, cancellation or if that space is available for the next hour?

Enterprise Meeting Schedulers used by Allwave-av give comprehensive room schedule module that assists technical managers and executives, in locating rooms by displaying the scheduled events on a touch panel adjacent to room entrances. It eliminates delays in meeting start times by automating the room technology, thereby eliminating the time typically spent on equipment setup.

These are few factors that can be blended together to give you the best BoardRoom videoconferencing experience. Our solutions seamlessly combine different AV systems under one platform that can be centrally managed to ensure the best conference room functionality. These comprehensive systems improve the quality of information delivery and lead to more effective meetings.

Allwave-AV Edge

Our solutions seamlessly combine different AV systems under one platform that can be centrally managed to ensure the best conference room functionality. These comprehensive systems improve the quality of information delivery and lead to more effective meetings.

Our Solution Key Benefits


Introduce Dynamic and Intuitive BoardRooms,that can amplify Productivity and save Time.


User Friendly Interface with PLUG-N-PLAY features for anyone to use.


Distinguish your Organization with Professional Corporate BoardRoom Designs at Competitive rates.

Why Allwave

Collaboration is top-of-mind for today’s IT and line-of-business managers, Allwave is different as it does not consider Huddle rooms as a smaller Boardroom but understands the purpose of these small but highly effective architectural models and strives to provide high-end AV Solutions to simplify and enhance your Huddle Rooms at the most Affordable Rates .

Few things that set us apart

Innovative Designs that comply to INFOCOMM Standards.

Professional AV Auditorium Solutions with Reduced Rates.

Hassle free friendly and cooperative After-Sales Support team.

Free quarterly maintenance checkups and low installation charges