Huddle your space with reliable Audio Visual Solutions to boost your impromptu meeting productivity.

Many organizations and small medium institutions have succeeded at deploying and using unified communications and collaboration (UCC) on the desktop, and even more they leverage audio and video conferencing in large conference rooms, but only a few have managed to extend state-of-the-art collaboration capabilities to small group spaces.

Small group collaboration spaces, these so-called “Huddle Rooms” are where most real collaboration gets done. Small teams working together in person and with their remote colleagues, collaborate in these Huddle Room spaces to make important decisions, drive projects, and increase productivity throughout the organization. Equipping these spaces with reliable Audio Visual solutions is of utmost priority, for increasing productivity and add immense value.

Allwave-av recognizes these enterprise spaces as integral to optimize productivity. Build efficient huddle rooms that are :

Robust Solutions

Robust Solutions

These spaces are mounted with efficient and reliable Audio and Visual Solutions, designed for utmost simplicity of use, versatile to various applications and for instant collaboration.

Future Proofing technique

Future Proofing technique

Since huddle rooms contain standards-based hardware that can instantly support any software or service, managers don’t need to worry about what introducing the latest-and-greatest technology will do to their infrastructure – it just works.

Dynamic and Scalable

Dynamic and Scalable

We leverage the bring-your-own-technology(BYOT) / bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, or allow individual business units to choose the web and video conferencing services they prefer, to confidently incorporate those applications knowing that they will continue to work with the deployed hardware within the huddle room.

Why Allwave

Collaboration is top-of-mind for today’s IT and line-of-business managers, Allwave is different as it does not consider Huddle rooms as a smaller Boardroom but understands the purpose of these small but highly effective architectural spaces and strives to provide high-end AV Solutions to simplify and enhance your Huddle Rooms at the most affordable rates.

Few things that set us apart

Innovative Designs that comply to INFOCOMM Standards.

Professional Audio Visual Solutions that Add Immense Value.

Hassle free friendly and cooperative After-Sales Support team.

Free quarterly maintenance checkups and low installation charges