Engage students with Highly Scalable and Immersive Training Room AV Solutions.

Classrooms, lecture halls, corporate training rooms are the bedrock of schools, institutes, corporates, enterprises,etc found in nearly every campuses. The goal of the education AV systems in these spaces is to simplify the delivery of lecture-based training to large groups of students, both employees and customers, all controlled from an intuitive, elegant user interface to create a Positive learning environment.

Classroom AV tech system

Classroom AV tech system

must be designed with appropriate classroom projector screens and classroom audio solutions such that the teacher and professors feel comfortable operating these classroom av solutions, and every student can see and hear the information being presented.

Lecture Hall AV tech system

Lecture Hall AV tech system

are large spaces, often with podiums and tiered seating, which serve high-capacity training classes. These rooms require typical sound reinforcement and classroom amplification systems, video systems with multiple displays, and trainers often need to integrate all types of mobile and personal devices into those systems.

Corporate Training Rooms AV tech system

Corporate Training Rooms AV tech system

need to be specific and thought provoking to deliver ideal concepts impactfully. It offers a large format projection screen, powerful audio system and wireless microphones for the presenters. Trainers create and deliver their content in a variety of methods from local laptop presentations, files served up from a corporate Internet, and physical product demonstrations.

Allwave-av provides seamless Classroom AV systems integration that is highly scalable to every educational course. Classroom Audio, Visual, Lighting and Control systems integration offers Intelligent applications for every teaching programme. A blend of Elegance in the profession with Optimal usage of requirements and focuses on the following aspects that plays a vital role in optimizing your experience with Training Room AV System Or Classroom AV System.

In a classroom, the AV Control & Automation system centralizes the input and output signals from different audio, video and computer devices. It simplifies the selection and operation of various sources, so teachers, guest lecturers and students feel comfortable operating the room’s technology and confident that it supports the lessons for their classes.

Core building Blocks

The User Interface

Allwave-av UX simplifies the operation of the AV system with intuitive controls and automated functions such as powering on/off several devices simultaneously or changing lighting presets.

Architectural Connectivity

Allwave-AV encourages Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practice and consolidates all the cables and ports needed to connect to the Classroom AV system inside a sleek, surface-mounted enclosure.

We design, customize with swappable input modules, power outlets, keypads and retractable cables

Switching & Control

The Audio Video Switcher (routes) and Master Controller (the brain) are the central hub for a classroom AV systems. Allwave-AV Switchers combines Master Controller, video scaling, microphone mixer and AV Switcher into one box, making it the perfect core for an AV system.

The Sound Reinforcement system is a means to control the volume of speech or music and distribute the sound, so it can be heard intelligibly by seated listeners. In conference rooms, this is typically a simple system that supports video conferencing and video playback.

INSTRUCTOR need a hands-free wireless microphone to wear while lecturing. Additionally they need the ability to connect a laptop, video player or other device to share presentations or play multimedia.

STUDENTS depend on the Sound Reinforcement system to hear their instructor, especially when seated farther away. The use of a listening assist system is important for ADA compliance.

Core building Blocks


Allwave-AV designs classrooms av system, for 30+ seats a wireless Clip-On (or lavaliere) microphone is traditionally used for the roaming instructor, a Gooseneck for speaking at a lectern and a boundary microphone or wireless handheld microphone for students in their seats.

Mixer & Mixer Amplifiers

Allwave designs a small rack mount mixer as an appropriate solution for small sound reinforcement systems in a classroom. A sound reinforcement system is considered small when the total number of audio inputs < 8 , total number of outputs < 3 channels and the power requirements <= 120W per channel. Allwave-AV supplies audio products with clean, high-quality, reliable power and processing in a small, energy-efficient footprint.


To power passive loudspeakers, a reliable amplifier is needed. Allwave-AV exploits a broad range of two-, four- and eight-channel amplifiers, which include models that are networkable and have onboard DSP.

Loud Speakers

A classroom may have several different loudspeaker requirements, such as ceiling speakers for distributed audio and front of house speakers for music/voice. JBL by HARMAN is trusted by professionals around the world for manufacturing high quality, installed sound loudspeakers.

Allwave-AV Collaboration & Conferencing Systems facilitate presentations through screen mirroring of wireless devices, provide access to cloud-based web conferencing and file sharing, and enable the ability to record lectures for online archiving or real-time streaming.

Core building Blocks

Content Sharing Platform

Allows users to present directly from their devices through wireless screen mirroring. Allwave-AV uses onboard web-based applications, like a web browser, Skype®, MirrorOp® and document viewers.

Video Conferencing Camera

Allwave-AV uses simple video conferencing camera with a 120-degree field of view, a retractable shutter and USB connectivity customizable to the classrooms design.

Lecture Capture Mechanism

Allwave-AV installs H.264 robust encoders that offer standardized, bandwidth-efficient encoding for SD and HD sources.

Encoders connect directly to sources, including PCs, cameras and set-top boxes, and provides the onramp to stream video on a network.

Once video is on a network, it can be played back in a variety of situations, such as on displays throughout a av tech school building, in a window within a digital signage message or used with a network media server.

Boundary & Gooseneck Microphones

Allwave-AV provides Boundary microphones with a wide pickup pattern for picking up multiple people seated close to each other. Gooseneck microphones are preferred for individuals who require their own microphones.

Allwave-AV utilizes a AV Resource Management System (RMS) that is scalable, client/server-based software for IT and AV managers, that provides AV Remote Management and AV scheduling for AV assets and building systems.

Core building Blocks


The software features a user-friendly dashboard, making it easy to centralize the management and monitoring of AV equipment, lights, HVAC and other building functions. This allows IT and AV managers to proactively maintain AV displays before a bulb burns out and receive immediate notification when a device goes offline.

Resource Management Classroom AV Scheduler

Allwave-AV RMS, schedule classrooms from any touch panel or PC. Integrate RMS with many popular scheduling platforms and display the room schedule on touch panels mounted on virtually any surface, including glass, and easily view red/green room availability lights to determine occupancy.

Quick Response Scheduling

An alternative to a touch panel, this sleek acrylic wall panel displays the room schedule on mobile devices by scanning a QR code. It is elegant looking and simple to install without wires.

Allwave-AV Edge

We tailor every Institution to be versatile and flexible with its applications of Classroom AV System to platforms like digital signage, video conferencing,webcasting, Digital learning, Distance learning, Fun games, team building activities etc that enhance the user activities confined to conventional classrooms.

Modern technology-equipped Classrooms is a key asset for reshaping the idea of dynamic concepts. Our solutions are designed to be centrally managed to ensure “Impactful And Enduring Educational Experience” for both students and instructors, with comprehensive systems that add immense value to your Institution’s brand.

Our Solution Key Benefits


Focus on Key concepts to create a lasting impact on the student ideology with our impactful designs and innovative techniques in your Classroom AV.


Engage students with visuals that drive concrete understanding of the subject and enhance understanding that endures with Allwave-av Solutions.


Provide a learning platform which is vulnerable to questioning and reinforce a concrete explanation driving a positive learning experience with Allwave-av Classroom Solutions.

Why Allwave

Engaging students is at top-of-mind for today’s Universities and Modern Colleges, Allwave-av is a unique competence in the AV Industry, With a good practical experience of 20+ years, We dissect the Professional necessity of Colleges and campus and Spend time in designing a Dynamic classroom AV solution that is professional, scalable and reliable.

We also invest a lot into Innovation with respect to futuristic designs and how they can be blended with best in class technology and genuine branded equipments, to provide a finesse blend in the way your esteemed institution optimizes applications.

Few things that set us apart

Innovative Designs that comply to INFOCOMM Standards

Professional AV Auditorium Solutions with Reduced Rates.

Hassle free friendly and cooperative After-Sales Support team.

Free quarterly maintenance checkups and low installation charges