Integrated Configuration Tools, The New Era Comprehensive Configuration Tools.

Businesses have a huge overhead to look into when it come to ordering and management of entities. Configuration errors caused by operators, are a significant contributor to downtime. Inter-dependencies between parameters, failing to update entities, importing bundle support etc, are often not explicitly documented and exist at all layers. The need of the hour is a well designed and integrated configuration tool that can be integrated seamlessly to increase productivity and avoid time elapses.

Allwave-AV configures your Business-to-Business(B2B) E-commerce experience with Cisco’s Integrated Configuration Tool(ICT), an application that can enrich your e-commerce ordering suite. Cisco’s ICT solutions will help increase Productivity, resulting in faster time to market, improved satisfaction, and increased profitably for customers.

ICT reduces configuration time, improves the end-user experience with Intuitive Page Design and High Performance, and enhances B2B integration in ordering cycles between the company and its trading partners.

Allwave-AV constrains Integration Configuration Tools as

ICT for Multi-line Configurator Users

A new configuration application that provides all the functions of the Multi-Line Configuration Tool, but with greatly enhanced performance to minimize configuration time and maximize your productivity.

Intuitive Page Design

A new tabbed page design delivers a streamlined, more intuitive interface for easier navigation and quicker completion of your configuration tasks.

Superior Performance

Embark internet tools with superior performance in every activity viz save, export, search, acquire configuration sets etc.

Maximum Productivity

Integrated configuration sets allow users to export config data, add “included” items, punchouts etc and amplifies productivity.

ICT for Config GUI user

A new configuration application that provides all the functions of a familiar configuration tool (Cisco Config GUI), plus several important new features to keep pace with the changing needs of our trading partners.

Familiar Interface

Ramp-up time with the Integrated Configuration Tool will be minimal.

Improved Efficiency

ICT allows you to automatically transfer created configurations from one Cisco e-commerce tool to another, reducing data entry and resulting in significant time savings.

High Performance

Cisco Config GUI with enhanced technology to offer significant new functions, while maintaining the same high-level of productivity.


Common Functions

Product configuration

  • Loading bills of materials. (BOMs)
  • Configuring products and modifying configurations.
  • Validating configurations.
  • Included items support.
  • Bundles support.

Config set management

  • Saving Config Sets to the Cisco database.
  • Exporting Config Sets via a standard format (Extensible Markup Language [XML], .tsv, or .csv).
  • Acquiring and routing Config Sets.
  • Acquiring Cisco Quotes.
  • Searching for Config Sets.
  • Deleting Config Sets.


  • Cisco SMARTnet® support.
  • Cisco SMARTnet Onsite support.
  • Cisco SP Base.
  • Cisco Shared Support Program (SSP).

Allwave-AV Edge

We Integrate And Configure, the Integrated Configuration Tools into Highly Efficient Solutions that seamlessly combine different tools and AV systems under one platform, that can be centrally managed to ensure “Reliable Practical Experience” without much hassle. These comprehensive solutions add immense value to your institution’s and organizations, saving time and excessive resource utilization.

Our Solution Key Benefits


A Familiar User Interface which customers feel comfortable, improved satisfaction and productivity.


Robust and compatible with many latest Cisco Internet Tools, reducing time to market and ordering cycles.

High Performance

Exceptional performance with new features and functionality to boost productivity and end-user satisfaction.

Why Allwave

Productivity and Device Interoperability is top-of-mind for today’s IT Managers and Organizational Leaders, Allwave-av is a unique competence in the AV Integration Industry, With a good practical experience of 20+ years, We dissect the Professional necessity of our clients and spend time in designing a Intuitive and Scalable solution that is Professional, Intelligent and Proactive. We also invest in Innovation with respect to Futuristic designs and how they can be blended with best in class technology, to provide a finesse in the way an Organization optimizes its System applications.

Few things that set us apart

Optimized Integrations that comply to INFOCOMM Standards.

Professional ICT Systems Integration that Add Value.

Hassle free friendly and cooperative After-Sales Support team.

Free quarterly maintenance checkups and low installation charges