Internet Of things is a revolutionary technology, “Every Physical device tells a Digital Story that can be harnessed to Add Value”.

The Need of the hour is to develop technology that can effectively employ IOT. According to the 2011- 15 billion "things" have already been digitally networked via the web.

So why leave AV Systems behind?
Allwave-Av is among the few AV integrations companies in the world that employs IOT to Audio Visual Systems, “our systems are made intelligent to effectively optimize the applications and reduce the impact of a sudden Downtime”. Allwave-AV networks your AV system via the web, transmits all the Data via a secure connectivity to its cloud data stores. Every individual machine data is analyzed, categorized, and delivered to a User friendly User Interface(UX) that can be accessed from any remote Smartphone or Tablet.

Does our Organization need better visibility of Assets?
Indeed several reasons, namely to maintain company product quality and service levels, to maximise the use of devices, vehicles (and even people), to improve productivity and lower the risks of fatal sudden malfunctioning, to protect systems from manhandling, counterfeiting and theft and to comply with regulatory requirements, the benefits are enormous.

Allwave-AV IoT Smart Asset Tagging/Productivity solutions comprises of :

Real-Time Asset tagging

A well defined, integrated Asset Management System(AMS), employs the concepts of IOT, and consists of sensors that are embedded onto the System. The goal of is to record data and gain instant visibility into critical asset, locations, utilization and operational health.

Monitoring and Management Of AV Assets

The robust set of sensors, installed on every AV system monitors its behaviour. Allwave-AV AMS enables a user/organization to remotely manage their AV system with minimal commands. For Example Switching controls, dimming bulbs, turning cameras or remotely shutting the systems down etc.

Resource Utilization on Reports and Dashboards

Allwave-AV AMS harnesses the digital information recorded from the behaviour of the AV system, and runs various Data analysis reports on them. This in turn churns out the best and most important details of the system, which can be very crucial in decision making. These are used in AV Health/Condition Monitoring of System.

Solve Technology issues proactively

With active IOT based monitoring of AV Systems, Allwave-AV’s support staff can setup automatic email alerts that give them the ability to proactively respond to issues as soon as they arise.

Widget based GUI ams

Allwave-AV AMS includes a fully customizable dashboard layout for each secure user, including visual bar graphs, user-defined status and notifications, and hotlists displaying all current system exceptions and issues.

Energy Management

Save money and the environment by remotely turning off equipment when the conference room is empty or on weekends. Track and run reports on energy usage for monitored assets.

Centralize remote AV support desk

Centrally monitor AV technology problems right from your IT support desk and remotely control AV devices in any room or hall when users call in for help.

AV Workflow Automation

Allwave-AV AMS is designed and programmed in a way that a user, AV Manager, can remotely schedule Room AV workflows to automate at the click of a button from it simple Web-based GUI. Automations spam from scheduling a meeting with VC setup to shutting down the systems once the meeting time hass lapsed.

AV Predictive Asset Maintenance

Allwave-AV AMS uses an Active Predictive Maintenance Algorithm which is intelligent and empowers users to understand the upcoming important risks to the AV system, impacts, DO’s and Dont’s that can enhance the life of the system, and proactively notifies them on the GUI.

Allwave-AV edge

Allwave-AV is a leader in Professional Audio Visual Design, Integrations, Automation and Consultancy. We go a step ahead of the traditional AV system integrators and design AV Solutions that also Manage Assets to Add value and improve productivity.

We Provide our AV Systems embedded with:

  • Devices or machine equipped with sensors to monitor the AV System and actuators to control key aspects of the systems.
  • Gateways which collects and processes information from one or more devices, converts the information to a platform-independent format and communicates this information over the internet.
  • Networks which is a heterogeneous collection of reliable networking technologies (PAN, LAN, WAN) allowing the gateway to communicate with central servers over the Internet.
  • Server infrastructure, which filters, stores and aggregates the machine “big” data.
  • Application that is mobile based for business processes, which is the key to delivering an end-to-end solution.

Our Solution Key Benefits


Allwave-AV Asset Management System has a salient features like, Intuitive Predictive Analysis and Maintenance which encourages users to gain the most out of an AV System through a simple Mobile or tablet based application


Asset management system utilizes IOT concepts and develops algorithms, sensors, networks and gateways that deliver information Accurately and optimizes the analysis and decision making capabilities of the AV System User.


A unique set of secure devices, that are robust and successfully tested over various non secure environments are integrated on professional AV Systems with No Compromise on the security of the Organization's data and usage.

Why Allwave

Productivity and Device Interoperability is top-of-mind for today’s IT Managers and Organizational Leaders, Allwave-av is a unique competence in the AV Integration Industry, With a good practical experience of 20+ years, We dissect the Professional necessity of our clients and spend time in designing a Intuitive and Scalable solution that is Professional, Intelligent and Proactive. We also invest in Innovation with respect to Futuristic designs and how they can be blended with best in class technology, to provide a finesse in the way an Organization optimizes its System applications.

Few things that set us apart

Optimized Integrations that comply to INFOCOMM Standards.

Professional ICT Systems Integration that Add Value.

Hassle free friendly and cooperative After-Sales Support team.

Free quarterly maintenance checkups and low installation charges