Redefine Auditoriums, Build Corporate Auditoriums with world class Designs & top Quality Audio Visual Multimedia.

Auditoriums are large event spaces that serve host to corporate town halls, building-wide presentations for organizations with hundreds of employees, dynamic set of audience witnessing different forms of art, drama, literature, One-Act plays,rehearsal, performing arts productions, or as a learning space,all at a single campus. Due to their size, the auditorium must include professional sound systems and video distribution systems with multiple displays.

Events in these spaces are often live-streamed to satellite locations at other facilities, and are recorded for later use. All of this must happen seamlessly and effectively, and the technology must be intuitive so technicians can setup and run the event with minimal effort.

The auditorium is a large Corporate event space that accommodates 100 or more people. The technology in the auditorium enables organizations to:

The technology in the Auditorium enables organisations to

Allwave-AV Edge

Our solutions seamlessly combine different AV systems under one platform that can be centrally managed to ensure “Effective Auditorium Experience”. These comprehensive systems improve the quality and purpose of Auditoriums.

Whether serving as a central location for company meetings and continuing education, or providing opportunities for collaboration and relaxation, Our cafeteria AV solution seamlessly combine best hardware, software and content under one effective platform, for optimizing every unique business enterprise application.

Modern technology-equipped cafeteria is a key asset for forward-looking businesses.Our solutions can be centrally managed to ensure “Impactful Digital Experience” for both employees and clients, with comprehensive systems that add immense value to your Organization's work culture.

Our Solution Key Benefits


Add the finesse blend to Corporate requirements with Elegant and World class designs..


With features like Record and Replay/ Live streaming it just adds to the sophistication of your auditoriums


Our Auditorium Solutions can be managed centrally with a Tab/Smartphone just with few clicks making it systematic and Simple.

Why Allwave

Collaboration is top-of-mind for today’s IT and line-of-business managers, Allwave-av is a unique competence in the AV Industry, with a good practical experience of 20+ years, we dissect the Professional necessity of our clients and spend time in designing a dynamic digital Cafeteria solution that is Professional, Modern and Reliable.We also invest in Innovation with respect to futuristic designs and how they can be blended with best in class technology, to provide a finesse blend in the way your organization’s digital Cafeteria optimizes its digital applications.

Few things that set us apart

Innovative Designs that comply to INFOCOMM Standards

Professional AV Auditorium Solutions with Reduced Rates.

Hassle free friendly and cooperative After-Sales Support team.

Free quarterly maintenance checkups and low installation charges