Engaging Pictures, interesting and exciting content well managed, often serves as a distraction. We often come across these “Digital Media devices” several times in our daily life.

These media devices often are Brand provoking or trying to convince us about the sophistication of a product or application which impounds us to choose specifically when local marketing.

These media devices often are Brand provoking or trying to convince us about the sophistication of a product or application which impounds us to choose specifically when local marketing.

Yes this is exactly how impactful a “Digital Signage” is.

“Digital Signage” or “Electronic Signage” are displays set aside for displaying Hi-Tech MultiMedia content, digitally popping up mainly in public spaces to attract large audiences.

Digital Signage is that a powerful solution that can empower a brand to desecrate the social mindset of not an individual but larger audiences and encourage a delve into the importance of a brand or its necessity. It is the best and the most fastest way to influence large and diverse audiences all at one go.

Companies use digital signage to welcome visitors, show meeting schedules, or directed to interactive wayfinding on touchscreens to find their way around campus. They can be used in any environment lobbies, student lounges, cafeterias, break rooms, call centers, elevator banks, manufacturing floors, meeting rooms,virtually any public space or network.

Does your business need a Digital Signage Solution?

Digital signage is just the kind of solution that will change the way you have done business and served your customers before. It is a solution that will helps them search, research, provides reviews and most importantly give customers the confidence to make the purchase before stepping out of the store. These solutions help the business gain customer’s trust and make shopping quite a uniquely spectacular experience.

Video wall are

Larger digital signage solutions built with the idea to influence and sustain branding, attract and entertain. Ultra high-definition video walls provide organisations with a fully adaptable display that easily fits to corporate branding. Video walls are commonly used in store entertainment and product enhancement to help drive sales and maximise brand awareness.

Corporate Lobbies - Video Walls

Allwave-AV has designed video wall solutions for corporate lobbies that specifically integrate an array of flat panel displays to exhibit Brand Aesthetics in a well organized landscape or portrait orientation with virtually limitless configurations in terms of content and precise alignment.

Digital Cafeteria - Digital Signage/ Interactive Menu Boards

Digital menu boards with abilities to dynamically update food items, token number, employee order etc integrated with array of flat panel displays and paging system, aligned in landscape or portrait orientation and extend touch sensitive digital displays for placing an order with Allwave-AV Digital Menu boards solution.

Digital Projector Signage - Cafeteria

Expand your options to your imagination, employ the new Digital media solutions in your Recreation centres with Allwave-AV. Facilitate low budget and highly scalable media and games with digital projectors, simple and customizable CMS with added benefits of audio systems for best results.

Retail Outlets - Digital Signage

Entice customers with new schemes, discounts, latest promotions and various other branding purposes with Allwave-av Digital Branding solutions. Align displays outside your retail store horizontally or vertically to engage customers and improve sales for the brand. These systems are built with user friendly CMS and HD panels for encouraging customers to entire the store and check out stuff.

Interactive way finder Corporate Campuses

Huge Campuses, Corporate buildings, Malls, there is always a risk of losing your way in such public spaces. Allwave-AV provides Interactive Digital Navigator Solutions that can be a rescuer in such situations. Lay flat panel interactive displays in either a portrait or landscape view mounted to be standalone or on the wall that is easily accessible and usable.


The health care department has always found its way to incorporate newer digital technology into the IC units and cabins, for various purposes varying from viewing a simple scan on the go to complex internal structures and images, on such digital enhanced displays. Allwave-AV designs solutions that enhances simplicity in visual diagnosis, with a well distinguished UHD displays and media servers that do a good job analysing images and processing them without delay flawlessly.


Allwave-av combines two, three, four or maybe a number of displays In-line, circular, or back-to-back, integrated with huge Audio systems and processing units to deliver distinct and unmeasurable conjunction to live performances and events. We enhance your event with perfect AV Digital signage integrated solutions that your audience will savour.