Do you think a House of worship(HOW) entails Professional AV Installation and Design ?

Indeed churches, synagogues, temples and other religious spaces Of Worship house a huge requirement for finely designed, genetically engineered Audio Visual and Lighting solutions that help in administering the faith to distributed sets of audience effectively.

“The biggest mistake we see in any House Of Worship AV is the do-it-yourself approach”. These solutions end up not fully exploiting the investment made in the AV equipments, no magnificent outcome to enhance the faith outreach.

Allwave-AV understands the growing demands of an Engineered Audio, Visual and Lighting System in places that house sacred worship and strives to provide feasible Professional AV Solutions, with Intelligent Engineered designs that can serve a dynamically growing crowd and purpose. These highly effective Integrated AV Solutions can churn out the best spirit of praise and worship from modern world audience that feels disconnected.

Allwave Audio Visual Systems integration that fit ideally for house of worship include:

Ostentatious visuals Placed to enhance visibility.

Ostentatious visual displays have made their way to HOW’s. Today’s HOW are huge and it's a necessity that everyone who come to glorify GOD, should be able to see crystal clear visuals irrespective of the seating. Digital signage is needed to communicate with believers and reach them where they gather around the HOW.

Sound Reinforcement

Often HOW’s experience inconsistency in the amount of people attending services. HOW should be prepared to accommodate an dynamically growing audience. Audio is the bedrock in shaping the spiritual experience of the audience.

Simplified Access, adjusting AV using a tablet or mobile device

In a HOW spaces, it's often necessary for the priests or religious leader to make simple adjustments which do not require a technician, from locations other than the AV booth.

In-house Live streaming and processing for broadcasts

In the modern busy world sometimes it is not possible to revere our faith regularly, also people placed at remote locations are unable to attend spiritual rituals. Many HOW have an increasing demand to embed spiritual renewal as a part of our daily routine.

Recording the event for later viewing

Delivering sermons, orations across a global audience can often be a costly and time-consuming affair. That's why modern HOW’s require a method to give the presentation once, and then make it viewable to believers around the globe who can't view the event live due to work limitations or time zone issues.

Monitoring and central management in real-time

Allwave-AV uses IP-based AV systems and software, AV Resource Management Suite (RMS), so HOW can reduce service calls and trouble tickets, and stay on top of how their AV systems are functioning. Our AV-RMS tools includes dashboards, reports and alerts that allow Common People to monitor the status of their HOW AV systems in real time, on a daily basis.

Allwave AV- Edge

Allwave-AV understands the need for technology to be least visible in a HOW and with expert professionals we design solutions to enhance the spirituality without disturbing the elegance of the space. Our House Of Worship Audio Video solutions are engineered carefully and professionally to seamlessly combine different AV systems under one platform, centrally managed to ensure “Mystic Spiritual Renewal Experience” always.

Our Solution Key Benefits


Influence larger audiences from across the globe with In-Built Live Streaming and broadcast capabilities to enhance people's connection to their faith.


Centric placements of Screens, disguised acoustics and integrated lighting creates an engaging experience from any corner of the space

Simple And Effective

Effective AV Technology, yet made simple and accessible from a simple User interface that can be operated by everyone without any technical skills.

Why Allwave

Engaging large audiences is top-of-mind for today’s Priests and House of Worship Leaders, Allwave-av is a unique competence in the AV Industry, With a good practical experience of 20+ years, We dissect the Professional necessity of our clients and spend time in designing a Dynamic Scalable House Of Worship AV solution that is professional, Elegant and Reliable.

We also invest in Innovation with respect to futuristic designs and how they can be blended with best in class technology, to provide a finesse in the way House Of Worship optimizes applications.

Few things that set us apart:


Few things that set us apart

Futuristic Designs that comply to INFOCOMM Standards.

Professional AV Solutions with Feasible Rates.

Hassle free friendly and cooperative After-Sales Support team.

Free quarterly maintenance checkups and low installation charges