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When you're not home, nagging little doubts can start to crowd your mind. Did I turn the toast maker off? Did I forget to switch of the washroom lights? Have i left the AC on in the living rooms ?Did I set the security alarm? Are the kids doing their homework or watching television?

Bravo! with a smart home, you could quit worrying about all of these petty issues just with a quick glance at your smartphone or tablet. You can connect devices and appliances in your home so they can communicate with each other and with you. That's not all, there a huge list of worries that can be solved with Internet of Things (IOT) applications in smart homes.

Smart Home or Smart Residences are, homes where the lights, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC), security alarm and other household devices can be automated and remotely controlled by a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Allwave-AV envisions smart homes to be one step ahead, with the applications of IOT in smart homes, Innovative ideas, Intuitive designs and One click control features that can reform your Smart Home Experience.

How stuff works in Smart Homes?

Smart Homes

Allwave-av makes all the appliances and devices receivers, and the means of controlling the system, such as remote controls or keypads, are transmitters. If you want to turn off a lamp in another room, the transmitter will issue a message in numerical code that includes the following:

  • An alert to the system that it's issuing a command
  • An identifying unit number for the device that should receive the command and
  • A code that contains the actual command, such as "turn off."

All these transmissions are done using wireless communication devices for smart homes, the latest technologies and our innovative designs that do not create any noise for the already existing appliances. All this information is captured and calibrated on our user friendly mobile application which helps users gain control from their remote device, any Smartphones or Tablets.



Allwave-AV provides the following features In Smart Homes

  • Video door monitoring


    Video door monitoring, motion sensors, gas leakage detection, intrusion sensors, curtain sensors, fire detection and control, security cameras, pet cameras, baby cameras, Smart looking system.
  • Heating


    room temperature detection and control, window blinds raised and lowered depending on the sun.
  •  door Entertainment


    AV controls, gaming consoles, whole home audio, amplifiers, media server, smart TV’s, Projectors and screens .
  • Lighting control

    daylight sensing lights, Remotely switch on/off, presence detection.
  • Electrical


    Smart air conditioning, smart refrigerators, thermostats etc.
  • Communication


    GPS navigation connected to entry and exit, proximity door unlocking.

Sit back and take control of the system from anywhere in your home. Alternatively, use your tablet/smartphone and control the smart home system from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

For example:

You no longer have to remember to lower the heating, turn off all the lights, set the alarm or turn off the iron before you leave the house.

Using a home control app, you simply connect to your home and perform these actions on the go.

No more rushing back home to see if the alarm is set or wondering "did I turn off the iron?"

With a home-server you can quickly and conveniently access all functions of your home control system from a single location (i.e. lights, electric blinds, heating, alarm, etc.). The control interface is clear, easy and intuitive to use. Even a child could figure it out. The control interface will display on any PC/Laptop, tablet, smartphone or wall mounted touch-screen display.

Some of the more frequently used options allows you to:

  • Call-up Your Favourite Light Scenes
  • Operate Blind By Room or Whole Home
  • Adjust Temp. By Room or Whole Home
  • Control Your AV Devices
  • Display Energy Consumption Data
  • Display & Control Door-entry System
  • Enable Home Control from any Location
  • And So Much More

There can’t be anything more off putting to a burglar trying to steal your belongings than seeing lots of activity from within your home. This is where your smart home really comes into its own with a fantastic feature called 'presence simulation'. Here's how it works.You basically go about your day-to-day activities turning on/off the lights, dimming lights, raising/lowering your electric blinds, triggering security lights or amenity lighting as you come up the drive and so on. As all of this is going on, you set the system to record these actions. Then when you're away on holiday or a business trip or whatever you simply press a button that plays-back the recorded data on a continuous loop until you return. This will vastly increase home security as it will look like someone is in the whole time you're away.

Another advantage with smart home technology is the "Group Control" option. This allows you to group a set of commands together and allocate them to a single button on a wall-mounted user control. For example: A common application for this is to have a "Central Off" button set-up close by the main exit to the house. So when you are about to leave for the day, you can press the button and effectively shut-down your home, When pressed, you will turn off all internal lights, lower temperatures to standby level throughout all rooms. close electric blinds and switch off all TVs. This is a real time-saver and far more convenient than running round the house doing everything yourself.
At the touch of a button (or automatically via sensor) call-up your pre-defined favourite settings depending on your mood, current situation or social event. At Movie time: Ideal for those cosy moments in front of the TV. Turn off the main light, dim wall lights by 50%, close blinds fully and set the heating to comfort mode at the touch of a single button. When Entertaining friends: The perfect ambient lighting and some suitable music playing in the background. Again, all done at the touch of a button. During the night: For sleepwalkers and late night fridge-raiders. During twilight hours sensors will detect your movement and (at reduced brightness levels) gently illuminate your path throughout the house. Much like the emergency cabin lights on a plane. Also, the system will remember to switch the lights off for you when you're back in bed saving you the bother.

Why Allwave

Awareness and Security is top-of-mind for today’s working parents and executives, Allwave-av is a unique competence in the AV Industry, With a good practical experience of 20+ years, We dissect the Professional necessity of Small business and Big Organizations, campuses and Spend time in designing Interactive Digital Signage and Dynamic and Scalable Video Wall solutions that are professional, Efficient and reliable.

We also invest a lot into Innovation with respect to futuristic designs and how they can be blended with best in class technology and genuine branded equipments, to provide a finesse blend in the way your esteemed institution optimizes profits.

Few things that set us apart

Innovative Designs that comply to International Standards.

Professional Digital Signage Solutions at Reduced Rates.

Hassle free friendly and cooperative After-Sales Support team.

Free quarterly maintenance checkups and low installation charges